About Us

Maybern exists to digitize private markets.

Maybern’s Approach

Tackle complexity first.
Most systems weren’t initially designed to solve the most complex funds and break down as new use cases are introduced. Maybern is different - we focus on funds with extensive fund structures and varied terms across their investor bases to build a solution that can handle any level of complexity.
Built in partnership.
To gather the most robust set of unique, nuanced, and complex challenges, we partnered with 7 institutional fund managers (with $2B to $250B AUM) to design our core product. This diligent research and partnership empowered us to build the best user experience for fund managers.
Transparency and granularity.
We know accountants pride themselves on accuracy, and the last thing they want is a “black box” system that runs calculations that they can’t easily verify. We build software that stores data at the most granular level, with a flexible and transparent user experience that allows accountants to understand every detail of every calculation.

Our Team

At the intersection of engineering, fund management, and design.

Ross Mechanic
Co-founder and CEO
Ashwin Raghu
Co-founder and CTO
John Bowman
Chief Business Officer
Tiffany Simonsen
Head of Product Operations
Bryan Champ
Head of Sales
Sophie Mester
Director of Product
AJ Hallac
Senior Software Engineer
Akhil Gopu
Senior Software Engineer
Arthur Greene
Product Designer
Eric Butler
Staff Software Engineer
Erik Ronning
Staff Software Engineer
Jake Dieber
Product Operations Associate
Jonathan Salazar
Product Operations Manager
Praneetha Desu
Product Operations Associate
Rohan Gupta
Software Engineer
Ronnie Tellez
Product Operations Specialist
Ryan Osgood
Senior Software Engineer
Sammie Otaño
Office Manager
Sruthi Sundar
Software Engineer
Valentina Lafont
VP Product Operations

Our Investors

Human Capital
Camber Creek
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